An Online Roulette Guide

Gambling online has become pretty that many players have switched their focus to the online community and moved on from playing at land-based casinos. At the moment, it is near impossible to see an ardent gambler that does not have an account online. Find out more at

When you go online today, there is a lot of things you will get to see. From the large collection of online casinos to the different kinds of attractive bonuses as well as exciting games to enjoy, you will not regret going to play online. You can even get started with ease.

The Story of Roulette

Roulette was said to have started out in France as a basic wheel game. Then, after a few years of massive success, it was adopted in different countries around Europe. After some years, it became an accepted casino game and a new variation was born known as European Roulette.

With that, many people began to play the game as it was exciting and very easy to play. As a result, the game travelled far and it was then introduced into American. Although it was a success, the American operators banded together to make changes to the game creating the American Roulette.

How to Play

To play the roulette game, whether it is the French, European or American version, it all has the same playing principles. All you need to do is to predict the coloured number pocket of where the ball will end up and you will win the particular game round.

In a particular roulette game, there are different bets you can place. Ranging from straight bets to corner bets, street bets, outside, and inside bets. Once you have made your bet, you then need to wait for the wheels to stop so that you will know if you have won.

Different Odds and Payouts

When you play Roulette, there is one thing you should and that is, there are different odds for each bet you choose and it varies based on the version you play. Impressively, the payout you will get is directly based on the odd as well as the money you bet on the game.

In a typical roulette game, for instance, if you bet a straight bet, which is predicting the exact coloured number the ball will land on, you will win a huge payout. For instance, in the American Roulette version, the straight bet odd is 35 to 1, if you bet $10, you will win $350.

Playing Roulette Online

The good thing about roulette is that it is available to players who will like to play online. In that case, if you want to enjoy the game perfectly, you can go online to choose an online casino to get started. After that, you can simply start to play.

Before you go on to choose an online casino, you need to vet and ensure that the casino is properly licensed. That way, you will get to avoid scam sites as well as other below standard online casinos. If you can do that, you will not regret playing online.